Friday, February 12, 2010


Ever have one off those days where everything pisses you was that day.. I hate to be so negative but sometimes you just have to vent! So just in case you are feeling FOUL like me, here is a list of things things that I DO NOT appreciate...

~ the blizzard that has blanketed the south..again
~ the very pushy check out lady at Target that just threw mine and the person in front of me bags together since she was apparently in a hurry..forcing us to stop in the front of the store and separate our things...RUDE
~ parents that let their hellish boys and their friends walk, well drag the puppy down the street...(im not gonna lie, the thought of wanting to punch the boys in the face did cross my mind)
~ slow drivers, who stay in the left lane and ride the brake
~ people that keep posting on facebook pictures where they have gone out every night of the new year and have gotten wasted...stop living off your parents money, go to school or get a freaking job! its time to grow up!
~ it not being summer out side
~ 2 of my bffs living 3000 miles away :(
~ kiley having her arm in a freaking sling and her not being home...I need her wittyness and I enjoy drooling over Kappy with her..I miss her terribly!!
~ all the other people applying for the same part-time job that I am..cant they see that im awesome and just hire me?!
~ Spenser being snowed in up in Boone. I miss my sister!

WHEW!! thats a little better! After all, tomorrow is a new day, right?!

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