Friday, February 12, 2010


Ever have one off those days where everything pisses you was that day.. I hate to be so negative but sometimes you just have to vent! So just in case you are feeling FOUL like me, here is a list of things things that I DO NOT appreciate...

~ the blizzard that has blanketed the south..again
~ the very pushy check out lady at Target that just threw mine and the person in front of me bags together since she was apparently in a hurry..forcing us to stop in the front of the store and separate our things...RUDE
~ parents that let their hellish boys and their friends walk, well drag the puppy down the street...(im not gonna lie, the thought of wanting to punch the boys in the face did cross my mind)
~ slow drivers, who stay in the left lane and ride the brake
~ people that keep posting on facebook pictures where they have gone out every night of the new year and have gotten wasted...stop living off your parents money, go to school or get a freaking job! its time to grow up!
~ it not being summer out side
~ 2 of my bffs living 3000 miles away :(
~ kiley having her arm in a freaking sling and her not being home...I need her wittyness and I enjoy drooling over Kappy with her..I miss her terribly!!
~ all the other people applying for the same part-time job that I am..cant they see that im awesome and just hire me?!
~ Spenser being snowed in up in Boone. I miss my sister!

WHEW!! thats a little better! After all, tomorrow is a new day, right?!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear Mr. Weatherman

PLEASE let the weather be good tomorrow...I am already over the "chance" of snow and "wintry mix" crap.. It is ruining my weekend plans... It would be really REALLY nice to go see The Sammies with Millie and Sami. I am in need of a beverage and good music! Oh and when you get the chance can you also fast forward to spring? Sunny and 82 would be great right about now!
Thank you!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In case you didnt know....

Just for you KELSI!!!!

Everything else is on a need to know basis....

age- 24
animal- i love my dogs!!!!

Birthday- September 16
Body part on opposite sex- baseball arms are very nice!! :)
Blind or Deaf - if i really had to pick, i guess deaf
Best Weather- definitely warm! Like 82 and sunny!! At night, no humidity (the hair becomes the size of Texas) and like 70!
Believe in god? - YES
Believe in Santa? - Santa, I know him!!

Candy- not really candy, but i LOVE gum!
Color- purple Cried- umm like a few tears yesterday, however it wasnt a "good" cry Chocolate/Vanilla- more times than most Chocolate Chinese/Mexican- Mexican Cake or Pie? - cake Clothing Style- scrubs at work for the day and night jeans, boots and a presh top!

Day or Night? - Both! Dream- crazy dreams random people are there...weird...
Danced- at the tanning bed today!!
Do Splits? - like when i was 5

E- Eggs- I love deviled eggs!
Eyes- brown
Ever Failed? yes, for sure

F- First Crush- ummm...i honestly dont remember
Full Name- Blaire Cassady Brooks
First thoughts waking up? - Seriously...i just fell asleep...
Food- ive been craving steamed fresh green beans and broccoli
Favorite Place- the beach!! im having a current obsession with Charleston..probably because im counting down the days to Hotel Carolina!

Greatest Fear- Being alone (stealing this from V)
Giver or Taker- both!
Goals- to make my family proud
Gum- not fruit flavored AT ALL!! other than that, im totally OBSESSED! always chewing a piece!

Get along with your parents? - yes i do!

Good luck charm? - i dont really have one..however when numbers are involved, i ALWAYS choose 3

H- Hair Color- Blonde
Height- 5'7

Happy- yes, but could be happier

Holiday-i do love Christmas
Hate-bad SLOW drivers!!! and currently the thing i hate the most is felling like you are only a "friend"
someone when its convenient to them...

*at some point, my font went bold and will not turn back to normal...*

Ice Cream- Moose Tracks !! ~~>my font works again!
Instrument- umm no..

J- Jewelry- im currently loving bangles!
Job- dental assistant

K- Kids- would love them!
Kickboxing or Karate- KickBoxing!!

Keep a journal? - I tried one time to start one when i was in brazil, however that only lasted while i was there...

L- Longest Car Ride? - to PA i think
Laughed so hard you cried? - last week at Modern Family, other than that, on TRB... Toni is a comedian
Love at first sight? - possibly

Milk Flavor?- i drink skim, but i love 1%
Movie- always The Notebook!! However, i do love I love you, Man!
Marriage? - Future, yes

N- Number of Siblings? - 1 sister and brother
Number of Piercings? - none
Number- 3!!!

O- Overused Phrases- umm my friend Millie started "eww" and used it for everything, therefore i started to use it, and then some people took it and ran with it, overusing it to the extreme
One phobia- i hate bugs and anything that isnt afraid of, birds, etc....
Overseas- Brazil twice

Place you'd like to live- here is good! Or as long its somewhere close to the beach!
Perfect Pizza- anything from Papa Johns
Pepsi/Coke- def diet coke with lime! OR my ultimate favorite diet dr pepper! :)

R- Reasons to Cry- i dont want a reason!
Radio Station- 95.1, 96.1 or 103.7 Love me some pop, country and ghetto rap!!
Roll your tongue- yes i can!

Salad Dressing- Ranch

Skipped School- no more school thank you!
Slept Outside- in high school i think...
Skinny Dipped- no thanks!!
Shower Daily- yes

Sing Well- im awesome! i have an angelic voice! HA!

Sing in the Shower- YES! thank you Pandora!

Stuffed Animals- one...but i dont sleep with it or anything
Strawberries/Blueberries- both please!
Strengths- lets see...

T- Time for bed- usually between 10 and 10:30.
Thunderstorms- sure! as long as im not driving!
TV Shows- ok here we go... Monday- OTH, Greek and 24!!!! Tuesday- American Idol...i know lame, but whatever Wednesday- Modern Family and i LOVE Nip/Tuck but i cant stay up that late!!! Thursday- Greys Anatomy, RHOOC, The office!!
Touch your tongue to your nose- no i cant!

Unpredictable- how fortunate we are
Underestimated- me!! :)

V- Vegetable you hate- radish..(is that a vegetable)
Vegetable you love- steamed broccoli!

Weakness- i can be a pushover
When you grow up- i want to make my family proud!!
Where do we go when we die- to Heaven
Weather- sunny and NOT humid! i do love a good summer afternoon thunderstorm when it gets really windy and the sky is dark!

*and the font changes again...*

X-Rays- at the dentist!

Year it is now- 2010! i refuse to call it "twenty ten" though
Yellow? i love yellow! that was the color of my room for 6 years!

*damn font...*

Zoo animal- umm Kangaroo!! haha
Zodiac Sign- Virgo!

There you have it! All about me! Did yall learn anything new....