Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In case you didnt know....

Just for you KELSI!!!!

Everything else is on a need to know basis....

age- 24
animal- i love my dogs!!!!

Birthday- September 16
Body part on opposite sex- baseball arms are very nice!! :)
Blind or Deaf - if i really had to pick, i guess deaf
Best Weather- definitely warm! Like 82 and sunny!! At night, no humidity (the hair becomes the size of Texas) and like 70!
Believe in god? - YES
Believe in Santa? - Santa, I know him!!

Candy- not really candy, but i LOVE gum!
Color- purple Cried- umm like a few tears yesterday, however it wasnt a "good" cry Chocolate/Vanilla- more times than most Chocolate Chinese/Mexican- Mexican Cake or Pie? - cake Clothing Style- scrubs at work for the day and night jeans, boots and a presh top!

Day or Night? - Both! Dream- crazy dreams random people are there...weird...
Danced- at the tanning bed today!!
Do Splits? - like when i was 5

E- Eggs- I love deviled eggs!
Eyes- brown
Ever Failed? yes, for sure

F- First Crush- ummm...i honestly dont remember
Full Name- Blaire Cassady Brooks
First thoughts waking up? - Seriously...i just fell asleep...
Food- ive been craving steamed fresh green beans and broccoli
Favorite Place- the beach!! im having a current obsession with Charleston..probably because im counting down the days to Hotel Carolina!

Greatest Fear- Being alone (stealing this from V)
Giver or Taker- both!
Goals- to make my family proud
Gum- not fruit flavored AT ALL!! other than that, im totally OBSESSED! always chewing a piece!

Get along with your parents? - yes i do!

Good luck charm? - i dont really have one..however when numbers are involved, i ALWAYS choose 3

H- Hair Color- Blonde
Height- 5'7

Happy- yes, but could be happier

Holiday-i do love Christmas
Hate-bad SLOW drivers!!! and currently the thing i hate the most is felling like you are only a "friend"
someone when its convenient to them...

*at some point, my font went bold and will not turn back to normal...*

Ice Cream- Moose Tracks !! ~~>my font works again!
Instrument- umm no..

J- Jewelry- im currently loving bangles!
Job- dental assistant

K- Kids- would love them!
Kickboxing or Karate- KickBoxing!!

Keep a journal? - I tried one time to start one when i was in brazil, however that only lasted while i was there...

L- Longest Car Ride? - to PA i think
Laughed so hard you cried? - last week at Modern Family, other than that, on TRB... Toni is a comedian
Love at first sight? - possibly

Milk Flavor?- i drink skim, but i love 1%
Movie- always The Notebook!! However, i do love I love you, Man!
Marriage? - Future, yes

N- Number of Siblings? - 1 sister and brother
Number of Piercings? - none
Number- 3!!!

O- Overused Phrases- umm my friend Millie started "eww" and used it for everything, therefore i started to use it, and then some people took it and ran with it, overusing it to the extreme
One phobia- i hate bugs and anything that isnt afraid of, birds, etc....
Overseas- Brazil twice

Place you'd like to live- here is good! Or as long its somewhere close to the beach!
Perfect Pizza- anything from Papa Johns
Pepsi/Coke- def diet coke with lime! OR my ultimate favorite diet dr pepper! :)

R- Reasons to Cry- i dont want a reason!
Radio Station- 95.1, 96.1 or 103.7 Love me some pop, country and ghetto rap!!
Roll your tongue- yes i can!

Salad Dressing- Ranch

Skipped School- no more school thank you!
Slept Outside- in high school i think...
Skinny Dipped- no thanks!!
Shower Daily- yes

Sing Well- im awesome! i have an angelic voice! HA!

Sing in the Shower- YES! thank you Pandora!

Stuffed Animals- one...but i dont sleep with it or anything
Strawberries/Blueberries- both please!
Strengths- lets see...

T- Time for bed- usually between 10 and 10:30.
Thunderstorms- sure! as long as im not driving!
TV Shows- ok here we go... Monday- OTH, Greek and 24!!!! Tuesday- American Idol...i know lame, but whatever Wednesday- Modern Family and i LOVE Nip/Tuck but i cant stay up that late!!! Thursday- Greys Anatomy, RHOOC, The office!!
Touch your tongue to your nose- no i cant!

Unpredictable- how fortunate we are
Underestimated- me!! :)

V- Vegetable you hate- radish..(is that a vegetable)
Vegetable you love- steamed broccoli!

Weakness- i can be a pushover
When you grow up- i want to make my family proud!!
Where do we go when we die- to Heaven
Weather- sunny and NOT humid! i do love a good summer afternoon thunderstorm when it gets really windy and the sky is dark!

*and the font changes again...*

X-Rays- at the dentist!

Year it is now- 2010! i refuse to call it "twenty ten" though
Yellow? i love yellow! that was the color of my room for 6 years!

*damn font...*

Zoo animal- umm Kangaroo!! haha
Zodiac Sign- Virgo!

There you have it! All about me! Did yall learn anything new....

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